HP Tuners nGauge Digital Tuner Monitor Logger OBD2
HP Tuners nGauge Digital Tuner Monitor Logger OBD2
HP Tuners nGauge Digital Tuner Monitor Logger OBD2
HP Tuners nGauge Digital Tuner Monitor Logger OBD2
HP Tuners nGauge Digital Tuner Monitor Logger OBD2
HP Tuners nGauge Digital Tuner Monitor Logger OBD2


HP Tuners nGauge Digital Tuner Monitor Logger OBD2

HP Tuners nGauge

The HP Tuners nGauge is a digital gauge and custom tuning device that connects to the vehicle's OBD2 port, allowing the user to view live data and reprogram the ECU.  With the nGauge, you can load up to 20 different custom files, datalog, swap tunes and receive email tunes from your favorite HP Tuners nGauge tuner all with one device. The nGauge is also a fully programmable OBD2 scanner and gauge, capable of displaying both factory PIDS and analog inputs.

All in one: Tuner/Programmer, Gauge Monitor, Data Logger, and Diagnostic Tool

NOTE: This device does not come with custom tunes.  Please contact us for your custom tune today.

See below for Supported Vehicles

Gauge Functions

  • User configurable digital gauges
  • Display up to 6 gauges at a time
  • Pick from hundreds of OBD2 signals
  • Record log files to MicroSD Card
  • Program warning lights
  • Built in diagnostics

Optional Tuning Features

  • Tuning can be enabled by our partner companies
  • Read and save stock file
  • Load hundreds of tunes from your MicroSD Card
  • Support for Ford and GM E38/E67/E92 PCMs now
  • Support for HP Tuners software available

Hardware Features

  • 2.4" 320 x 240 Color LCD
  • Resistive touch screen
  • Touch Stylus included
  • Micro-SD Card
  • 2 Analog Inputs
  • 6 Programmable LEDs
  • Chrome bezel
  • Brushed aluminum overlay
  • Fits 3 gauge hole sizes
  • Adapter Ring included
  • Single T-Slot for pedestal mounting
  • Thin design to save space
  • Auto Sleep/Wake with ignition
  • RS232 expansion port
  • Support for Zeitronix wideband
  • Firmware update through USB or MicroSD
  • 2 High Speed CAN Channels
  • ISO9141 / KWP2000, J1850PWM / J1850VPW

Supported Vehicles

Ford Cars and Trucks

2004-2019 F150, all engines (excluding 2004 F150 Heritage)
2005-2019 Mustang, GT and GT500, all engines 99-04 Mustang (V8 only)
All EcoBoost, including 2.3, 2.7 and 3.5 in all common platforms (F150, Taurus, Fusion, Explorer, Focus, Fiesta etc) through 2019
All 6.0, 6.4 and 6.7 Powerstroke Diesel
Most other drive by wire fords (Oak, Copperhead and Tricore PCM’s)

GM Cars

2010-2015 CHEVY CAMARO SS 6.2L
2014-2015 CHEVY CAMARO Z/28 7.0L
2005-2017 CHEVY CORVETTE 6.0L
2008-2013 CHEVY CORVETTE 6.2L
2006-2013 CHEVY CORVETTE Z06 7.0L
2008-2009 PONTIAC G8 6.0L
2009 PONTIAC G8 6.2L
2007-2009 PONTIAC G6 3.5L
2006 PONTIAC G6 3.9L
2007-2009 CHEVY IMPALA 3.5L
2007-2009 CHEVY IMPALA 3.9L
2007-2010 CHEVY MALIBU 3.5L
2006-2007 CHEVY MALIBU 3.9L
2006-2007 CHEVY MONTE CARLO 3.5L
2007 SATURN AURA 3.5

GM Trucks

07-14 Cadillac Escalade
07-13 Chevrolet Avalanche 5.3, 6.0
07-14 Chevrolet Suburban 5.3, 6.0, 6.2
07-14 Chevrolet Tahoe 4.8, 5.3, 6.2
07-14 GMC Yukon & Denali 4.8, 5.3, 6.0, 6.2
09-08 Hummer H2 6.2
Other GM products with the “E38” ECU, including Australian Holden applications
2006-2007 CADILLAC CTS-V 6.0L E67
2009-2014 CADILLAC CTS-V 6.2L SC E67
2012-2015 CHEVY CAMARO ZL1 6.2L SC E67
2009-2013 CHEVY CORVETTE 6.2L SC E67
2007-2009 CHEVY IMPALA SS 5.3L E67
2006-2007 CHEVY MONTE CARLO SS 5.3L E67
2008 BUICK ALLURE 5.3L E67
2008-2009 BUICK LACROSSE 5.3L E67
2005-2008 PONTIAC GRAND PRIX 5.3L E67
2006-2010 CADILLAC DTS 4.6L E67
2011 CADILLAC DTS 4.6L E67
2007-2010 CADILLAC STS 4.6L E67
2007-2008 CADILLAC XLR 4.6L E67
2008-2009 BUICK LUCERNE 4.6L E67
2006-2009 CADILLAC STS-V 4.4L SC E67
2006-2008 CADILLAC XLR-V 4.4L SC E67
2006 CHEVY IMPALA 3.9L E67
2006 CHEVY MALIBU 3.9L E67
2008-2012 CHEVY MALIBU 3.6L E67
2007-2009 PONTIAC G6 3.6L E67
2007-2009 SATURN AURA 3.6L E67
2008 CHEVY MALIBU 2.4L E67
2008-2009 CHEVY MALIBU-HYBRID 2.4L E67
2007-2009 SATURN AURA-HYBRID 2.4L E67
2006-2008 PONTIAC G6 2.4L E67
2008-2009 SATURN AURA 2.4L E67
2006-2008 CHEVY COBALT 2.4L E67
2007 PONTIAC G5-GT 2.4L E67
2006-2008 PONTIAC SOLSTICE 2.4L E67
2006-2007 SATURN ION 2.4L E67
2007-2009 SATURN SKY 2.4L E67
2016 CHEVY CAMARO 6.2L E92
2014-2016 CHEVY CORVETTE Z06 6.2L SC E92
2014-2016 CHEVY CORVETTE Z51 6.2L E92
2013-2016 CADILLAC ATS 3.6L E92
2014-2016 CADILLAC CTS 3.6L TT E92
2014-2016 CADILLAC XTS 3.6L TT E92